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An excerpt of your Vibrancy Index Report

​Here are the insights you'll glean after completing the questionnaire

​Table of Contents

Overall Stress

Gastrointestinal (Part I)
Gastric Function (A)
GI Inflammation (B)
Small Intestine & Pancreas (C)
Colon (D)

Liver/Gallbladder (Part II)
Hepatobillary Function

Endocrine (Part III)
Thyroid (A)
Adrenal (B)

Glucose Regulation (Part IV)
Dysglycemia L (A)
Dysglycemia E (B)

Cardivascular Part (V)
Heart (A)
Circulation (B)

Mood (Part VI)
Depression (A)
Anxiety (B)
Anger (C)

Immune (Part VII)
Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat & Lungs

Urological (Part VIII)
Kidney & Bladder

Musculoskeletal (Part IX)
Bone Integrity (A)
Connective Tissue (B)
Muscles & Nerves (C)

CNS & Brain (Part X)
Central Nervous System (A)
Cognition (B)

Male (Part XI)
Prostate Health 

Female (Part XII)
Premenstrual Balance (A)
Menstruation (B)
Reproductive Tissue Inflammation (C)
Hormone Balance (D)
Ovarian Function (E)
Estrogen/Progesterone Decline (F)