Are You Prepared For The Unthinkable: Your Business Domain Vanishes Off The Face of the Internet… As If Stolen?

"What If You Woke Up One Morning To See Your Domain Disappeared Overnight, As If It Never Existed On The Internet?"

When The Unthinkable 0.01% Happens...
No DNS Provider Wants To Deal With It
(But We Got Your Back, Day Or Night!)

"As you can see, even as technology advances, Internet security is getting harder to manage rather than easier - are you 100% sure you're covered?"

It’s okay to think positive about your web site and it’s nice your DNS provider claims a 99.99% uptime guarantee (they all do, don't they?).

However - WHEN the unimaginable happens (and it will!) and your domain suddenly goes dark - more like a black hole - what then?

That 0.01% possibility, is in reality more of a WHEN than an IF.  We know this because we have a bird's eye view and see this happen ALL the time.

Even if your DNS provider refunds you a fraction of your monthly fee… what good is that going to do you and your reputation?

You’re still going to face lost revenues, sleepless nights, the unrelenting stress of having to just wait until somebody works it out.

It could take hours, even DAYS.  Which means how many thousands of dollars ,in your business?

Would you rather wait helplessly for the eventual fix, or think ahead and choose the smart way - prevent such calamities altogether?

With the easyDNS Proactive Nameservers, this is what you get:
  • Eliminate 100% of your worries about your domain's uptime for good, without spending an arm and a leg (or without paying staff to monitor it 24/7)
  • Sleep through your nights knowing your reputation will remain unblemished (now that you know you’re dodging a bullet)
  • Brag to your peers of a TRUE 100% uptime, no matter what the Internet script kiddies or online terrorists throw at your domain (and it’s a LOT, just ask Anonymous)
  • Stay confident knowing you can ride through even and utter domain disaster… because easyDNS has a backup for every backup
  • Get immune to any mistakes by hapless employees and eliminate nagging downtime worries once and for all!

Still think it won’t happen to you?
Microsoft and Godaddy thought so too!

When disappeared from the Internet in 2002, 2011... AND 2013, they could only wish they knew of this patent pending service.

And GoDaddy's infamous DNS outage of 2012 took down MILLIONS of websites - just because they failed to plan for that 0.01% chance of failure!

When it's your turn to experience this - imagine the devastation your business would be forced to face?!

Avoid public embarrassment and financial devastation -
Sign up for easyDNS Proactive Nameservers today!

PS. If even Microsoft and GoDaddy with their vast resources were vulnerable to repeat outages blamed on DNS… what chances will you have to avoid this? It's time to get serious about securing your business online, you only need to do it once and you're safe! <-LINK

PPS. Losing your DNS service doesn’t sound all that bad, right? But think ahead: it also means customers can’t reach your web site, you’re getting zero company email, your cloud service stops serving files, your file server disappears… just how bad can it get, and how fast? Don’t ‘wait and see’ any longer, get proactive and secure your online business with easyDNS Proactive Nameservers.

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