Sustainable Systems

Sustainability is far from rocket science.

Sustainability is far from rocket science. Our programs are based on common sense and primal systems that have been practiced for centuries. They are logical, fun and, with some updated beliefs, quite easy. We develop customized programs for you that are enjoyable, as well as improve how you look AND feel. Instead of a program that you grind through to get results, only to return to bad habits once it’s completed (or you get bored of it), we work with you to make a realistic program tailored for you, personally designed to what you can and are willing to commit. Since our programs put you in the driver’s seat, deal with your entire body, mind and spirit, and are highly personalized, you come out ahead with a concept of living that is unique to how YOU live life as opposed to how you think you “should” live, based on the opinions of other people.

Holistic Synergy

Balance is the key to success.

Balance is the key to success. Our holistic approach integrates the critical factors that have a massive impact on the quality of one’s life: Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, and Natural Cycles. Other programs often focus on one element such as extreme diets or long and gruelling exercise regimes. These may provide short term results, but they disrupt hormonal systems in the long term, causing physical or even mental/emotional symptoms. Too much emphasis on one aspect robs from other aspects, leaving them dried out or exhausted.

Personalized Programs

One size never fits all

There are many diets, products and exercise programs available today touting magical results in record times. Many people spend years and thousands of dollars searching for the silver bullet, to get next to no results (besides lighter wallets and irrecoverable time.) Primal Synergy achieves exceptional results for clients daily. This is done through the design and execution of personalized programs based on how your system specifically deals with food, current state of health, current stress levels, free time, day-to-day activities, commitment level, priorities, beliefs desired outcomes and overall lifestyle.

Client Driven Pace

You set the pace and are always in control

We provide you with a lifestyle coach to act as your co-pilot who guides you to exceptional health. With the right amount of coaching, you determine clear outcomes and why you want them, as well as a program that fits with your lifestyle and desires,and a system to maintain unstoppable motivation to get the results you want.