Instead of just taking our word for it, here’s what our clients say:

Amy’s Experience with Primal Synergy:

“I may have started with the goal of trimming my weight 40 lbs, but now I would have to say that the clarity I’ve gained has been my greatest success.  I’m able to apply it to every aspect of my life, including my weight goals, and it drives me to be the best I can be.”

Angus’ Experience with Primal Synergy:

“I was very happy with the thoracic ROM and core improvements …the cardio improvements were an added benefit. It was great to learn some new exercises to use with my clients. I really liked Tamas’ positive and laid back attitude…he can motivate and support without being overbearing or intimidating. The best thing about working with Tamas is that I know I can send my clients to him and be sure that they will be trained safely….I have several patients that have been injured by trainers who do not have the knowledge and expertise to deal with physiotherapy clients.”

Leanne’s Experience with Primal Synergy:

“As a regular participant in intense bootcamps and extreme training, I was a little apprehensive about taking my training down a notch. I had spent the last ten years trying to get leaner but was stuck at the same shape and weight no matter what I did, until I met Tamas. He helped me realize that there were some key elements in my diet and lifestyle that could improve to get see the results I wanted. He also explained that my body was stressed out and the last thing I needed was another 5:30am bootcamp class. He worked with me to overcome these challenges and I finally got into the shape I had been dreaming of!”

Dax’s Experience with Primal Synergy:

“As an exercise and lifestyle coach, I recognize the importance of investing in my health and wellness. Since working with Tamas, I no longer have back pain and feel better than I have in years. I’m now able to get back on the basketball court for the first time in 13 years – a testament to the principles Tamas has used with me. With continued work I look forward to being in the best physical shape of my life!”