Angus – Sport Performance Enhancement

  • Name: Angus
  • Age: 40
  • Occupation: Physiotherapist
  • Desired Outcomes:
    • Improved core stabilization and thoracic rotation ROM
    • New exercise and training ideas
  • Results Obtained:
    • Significant increase in thoracic ROM, improved core control, decreased post exercise pain and injury, unexpected improvement in speed and endurance (cardiovascular) without actually doing any cardio.

Angus’ Experience with Primal Synergy:

I was very happy with the thoracic ROM and core improvements …the cardio improvements were an added benefit. It was great to learn some new exercises to use with my clients. I really liked Tamas’ positive and laid back attitude…he can motivate and support without being overbearing or intimidating. The best thing about working with Tamas is that I know I can send my clients to him and be sure that they will be trained safely….I have several patients that have been injured by trainers who do not have the knowledge and expertise to deal with physiotherapy clients.