I'm In Pain

The most effective way to manage pain is to address the source.

I Want to Lose Weight

Managing your weight requires more than just diet and exercise.

Improve My Game

Optimal performance is achieved by the correct balance of all variables.

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The difference between losing or winning is whether you're just doing things right or doing the RIGHT things.

Where to begin?


"Without Assessing, It's Just Guessing"

Doing random exercises just because the latest issue of fitness magazines says "so and so got great results" is like throwing darts in the dark.  You might hit the target if you do it for long enough.

Your body leaves cues.  It has all the answers you seek, we just need to ask the right "questions", or in this case, perform the right assessments and it will tell us exactly where it needs the most attention.

The results of the tests will determine the best course of action to take towards reaching your goals faster and with the least amount of effort.

How do you know you're getting closer to your goals?

3 Steps To Goal Achievement

After you've set your goal there really are only 3 steps:

1) Take Action

2) Measure progress

3) Adjust course​

If cardio was the answer, there'd be no question

People waste hours on end each day doing cardio for cardio's sake

Besides it aging you and best case, getting a smaller version of you over a LONG period of time, it does very little for you.​