Ajay’s Program C

Program C

Exercise Rest Intensity Reps Tempo Sets
1 Horse Stance Vertical
[cvg-video videoId=’13’ width=’640′ height=’360′ /]
30s  Bodyweight 4/side 2 4 2 2
2 Lower Abdominal #2
[cvg-video videoId=’15’ width=’640′ height=’360′ /]
60s 80mmHg+30 (110) 8-10 2 1 2 1-2
3 4 Point Tummy Vacuum
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15s  Bodyweight 8-10 15s/15s 2


2: Lower Abdominal #2:

Starting Position:

– Supine on the floor with hips at roughly 60 degrees. knees bent and feet flat on the floor

Keys to observe:

– Blood Pressure Cuff placed under lower back, arms straight, to position dial directly over face
– Blood Pressure Cuff inflated to 80 mmHg

– Take a deep breath and on the exhale, draw the belly button in slightly to activate the deep abdominal wall (TVA)
– While holding the deep abdominal wall activation, posteriorly rotate your pelvis to increase the pressure reading on the dial by 30 mmHg (taking it to 110 mmHg)
– Keep the pressure at 110 mmHg (max 5 mmHg fluctuation throughout the movement) while raising one leg to 90 degrees at the hip
– Repeat movement with the opposite leg