You and your partner have been thinking about having a baby for a while now.

The finances are in order, your home is all set, you’re in love and are ready to welcome a new addition into your lives. You’ve been trying month after month, have bought and read books on the subject.  Having sex at certain times is starting to seem like a chore.  You’ve seen specialists, taken fertility drugs and have done everything the specialists have asked.  The next, and possibly last option is IVF, which comes with a lot of risks and a hefty price tag.

When you’re under constant stress, the last thing nature wants your body to do is reproduce. If your sex drive has hit the floor or you’re failing to get pregnant, it may be because your body is more focused on dealing with the constant physiological load being placed upon it every single day. Of course, you can try to trick it with drugs and hormones, but the most effective method is to create and put into practice effective strategies for dealing with stress. There are literally endless sources of stress that may be contributing to your current state of infertility.

These may include:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual stress (relationship issues, both with self and/or family, friends, partners, co-workers)
  • Dietary stress (unknown food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities)
  • Chemical stress (chlorinated/fluoridated water, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides)
  • EMF stress (microwaves, Wi-Fi, cell phones, computers)
  • Environmental (too hot/humid outside or too cold/gloomy)
  • Physical stress (chronic pain, inflammation)
  • Work-related stress (deadlines, rush jobs, fires needing to be put out)

At Primal Synergy, our coaches are trained to identify (through questions, questionnaires, assessments) the most critical or damaging stressors in your current lifestyle. We will work with you to develop a sustainable plan to restore your hormonal and physiological systems, which allow your body to conceive. Success for us is beyond the birth of a child – it also encompasses a happy and healthy one. Our clients also report that making a baby is a lot more fun when their sex drive improves – a natural side effect of improving the foundations of their health.

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