Weight Management

Weight Management

You Want to Trim The Last 10 Pounds.

You’ve been eating clean and lean.  You’re committed to cardio.  You count calories in, calories out.  You dropped 80-90% of the weight you wanted. You’re stronger, but you feel stuck.  The scale has shown the same number for the last few weeks/months/years.  No matter how much you starve yourself, how long you spend on the treadmill, your weight refuses to drop any lower.

Your Baby(ies) Erased Your Abs and Drained Your Energy

You’re either carrying a baby inside you or in your arms. Wearing your favourite jeans or shorts seems impossible, and you can forget about wearing anything in your closet that’s been there for a few years. The thought of wearing a bikini or lingerie – even in private – is the farthest thing from your mind.  You’ve been told that all focus must be on the wellbeing of the baby and you must sacrifice yourself for the next 1 to 18 years.  Thinking of yourself as sexy is a distant memory.

You’re Sick and Tired of Being Overweight

You’ve thought of yourself as chubby for as long as you can remember. Each decade, it seems like a little bit more fat creeps onto your body (how did that happen?). You’ve read countless magazine articles and books about what works and tried most of them, but you lose steam before you get the results. You just saw a recent picture of you that shocked you. You’ve hit your threshold. It’s time to make a change and you’re ready to commit.

What now?

The reasons you’re having trouble shedding unwanted fat and adding muscle are often far from obvious. Contrary to popular belief, it may have little to do with the amount of calories you are consuming or burning. Your body is an extremely adaptive organism. When your endocrine, digestive, circulatory and hormonal systems function effectively, your body will maintain the optimal level of lean body mass and fat. On the other hand, if you continually place excessive stress (intentional or environmental) on your body, it may go into survival mode. The result effects important systems such as your digestive, immune, hormonal and detoxification systems to become impaired and horde fat (stored energy) for a possible “rainy day” in the future and use lean body tissue for energy. Through the use of lifestyle and physical assessments, Primal Synergy coaches will identify biomechanical imbalances as well as environmental stressors to help create a clear cut, easy to understand and follow, realistic and holistic program so you achieve your desired outcomes.

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