Groupon Deal

Welcome Groupon fitness freaks! By coming here, you’ve taken an important step – congratulations! Now, I bet you’re wondering what you’re going to get with this faboush deal, right? Let me break it down for:

1) 15 minute phone consultation (Value: $30)

  • Find out what your fitness and health goals are
  • Set up in-person appointment

2) Comprehensive online assessment (Value: $30)

  • Filling out personalized questionnaires that provide valuable insight to current state of health, which will be the basis for overall fitness and health programs. These include:
  1. Hormonal profile
  2. Health Awareness questionnaire (determines internal organ health)
  3. Diet/Sleep log
  4. Metabolic type questionnaire
  5. Ideal Personalized Macro-nutrient Ratio Formula


3) Initial assessment and consultation – 60 minutes (Value: $120)

  • In-person Bio-Mechanical Assessment which includes:
  1. Flexibility assessment
  2. Postural assessment
  3. Spinal assessment
  4. Movement pattern assessment
  5. Core assessment


4) Customized and periodized program (Value: $240)

  • Step-by-step blueprint based on your desired outcomes for 8 weeks
  • Summarization of questionnaire and assessments


5) Final appointment – Consultation session 90 minutes (Value: $180)

  • Detailed report of findings
  • In-depth demonstration of exercise routine
  • Question and answer period


6) 4 Bi-weekly follow-up check-in emails (Value: $60)



Boring Legal Stuff:
Valid for 3 months after voucher redemption
Expires in 12 months