How Long Should My Workouts Last?

Without the use of performance enhancing substances (in non politically correct terms: steroids) training longer than 45 – 60 minutes is counterproductive.  Studies show that testosterone levels start declining at about 45 minutes.  Which means the body goes into a catabolic state (breaks itself down).  Going beyond 45 minutes of intense training (with 15 minutes of combined mobilizations, corrective stretching and cool down) could halt or severely slow down strength, hypertrophy (increased muscle size) and fat loss.

To be a little more clear, when I say “training”, I mean resistance training, lifting weights, or doing bodyweight movements (repetitions – reps) for short periods of time (sets) repeated a few times.

In no way am I writing about aerobic training!  Aerobic training has too many negative effects for the average person for me to ever recommend it.  Unless you’re an athlete whose sport requires endurance training, I’d refrain from training specifically for the aerobic benefits.  Even Lance Armstrong (pictured above) greatly benefits from resistance training (kettle bells in this case.)

I’ll avoid going into the details as Charles Poliquin has already written a very informative article about it:

The (Many) Negatives Of Aerobic Training

For the most benefit out of your workouts, keep them under 45 minutes (within 60 including warmups and cool downs,) lift your bodyweight or added weights and avoid sole aerobic training (treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals.)

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