Muscular Integrity Status

Are your muscles sore, stiff tense and/or achy?

Do you have throbbing, stabbing, burning or shooting muscle pain?

Do you have muscle spasms or cramps (involuntary or after exercise/exertion)?

Do you have greater muscle stiffness or pain in the morning than other times of the day?

Specific points on your body feel sore when pressed

Do you feel unrefreshed upon awakening?

Do you get headaches?

Do you get pain at the sides of your head or in your face, especially when awakening?

Does your jaw click or pop?

Do you have muscle tremors or twitches? (calf muscle, eyelids, thumb)

Do you have an irresistible urge to move your legs?

Do your legs move during sleep?

Do you get an unpleasant crawling sensation inside your calves when lying down?

Do you get wrist and hand numbness or pain (unpleasant while writing or buttoning clothes)?

Do you get a feeling of "pins and needles" in your thumb or first three fingers?

Do you get pain in your forearm and/or in your shoulder?