Shawn’s Thoracic Mobilizer

Start off with the Horizontal Foam Roller Mobilization to loosen up your thoracic spine:
[cvg-video videoId=’12’ width=’640′ height=’360′ /] (roughly 30 – 45 seconds if each position is held for 5 – 10 seconds)

Then do a total time under tension of 3 minutes of the Prone Cobra (6 x 30 second holds with 15 second rests, or 3 x 1 min holds with 15 – 20 seconds of rest)  The point is to be able to hold the position for 3 minutes continuously:

Prone Cobra
[cvg-video videoId=’70’ width=’640′ height=’360′ /] (rouhgly 4 – 5 minutes including rest periods)

Pay attention to the following points and cycle through them as you’re holding the position:

  • Tuck your chin in, putting your neck in neutral
  • Externally rotate your shoulders (open your chest up) as much as possible and keep your thumbs up
  • Relax your butt (drop your heels to the outside)
  • Relax your lower back
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • The height is less important, it’s more about only using the muscles of your upper back