Side Effect: Rapid Fat Loss

To celebrate the new year, my girlfriend and I drove over to visit and hang with my buddy Kyle Shay in the suburbs of Chicago, Il.  While planning the trip, I found out that Dr. Cass Ingram was going to be in his office around the time so we scheduled a visit to see him and to take advantage of the year end sale at North American Herb & Spice.  Well, was I in for a surprise!  Doc told me my adrenals needed lots of TLC and I had some bugs who’ve been with me for the last 25 years or so.  That’s all I needed to hear in order to step up and create new and improved standards for what goes into my mouth and when.

Through my C.H.E.K education over the last 8 years, I’ve familiarized myself with the anti-fungal diet as well as the rotational diet.  I’ve been eating organically grown and mostly local foods for the last 7 years, eliminating junk and nutrient deficient foods, following “most” of the principles of the anti-fungal diet, having some root veggies here and there, brown rice and replacing wheat flour with organic brown rice flour. Anyway, my girlfriend, Julia and I committed to following both the anti-fungal diet and the rotational diet to figure out what works best for us.  Julia started eliminating all grains on December 23rd already so it was a quick tweak for her.  I had some liver patties made with rice flour for the trip so I only followed suit of being totally grain free on January 2nd.

Finally onto the main topic.  The rapid fat loss.  Since going on the diet (which I wil write about later) I dropped 6 – 7 pounds and from the looks of it, mostly fat.  I weighed 156.5 lbs (according to a digital scale) going to Chicago and as of this morning, I’m a whopping 150.2.  My abs are a lot more defined than before.  I wish I had taken some pictures before the trip.  I’m documenting the progress so far as we get more and more used to eating this way.  Sadly, I’d prefer to put muscle on as opposed to dropping in weight but it’s a work in progress.  I’m working on figuring out the right combination of foods on which I personally feel well, energetic, healthy and that help me achieve my physical goals.  Stay tuned.


Tamas Acs

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