Symphony In The Barn

Hi Elisa,


Here are some video tutorials on how to do stuff on the Symphony Website, how to create a paypal account, how to add a bank account and how to add buy buttons.


Adding/Editing WordPress content:

\[hana-flv-player video=”/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/videos/WP-Dashboard.flv” width=”640″ height=”480″/]\


How I set up a PayPal account for Symphony In The Barn:

\[hana-flv-player video=”/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/videos/PayPal-Setup.flv” /]\


This is how you need to add your SITB bank account to PayPal:

\[hana-flv-player video=”/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/videos/PayPal-Add-Bank.flv” /]\


This is how to create a Buy Now button:

\[hana-flv-player video=”/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/videos/PayPal-Buy-Now-Button.flv” /]\


Hopefully this will help.