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Beyond Self Sabotage – Workshop


The Benefits of Beyond Self Sabotage Will Help You:

  • Find authentic contentment in your life!
  • Succeed in your meaningful goals!
  • Effectively nurture yourself as you move beyond your comfort zone!
  • Make your life a tribute to your unique purpose!
  • Heal the reasons why you sabotage!

The door is open for you to join the Beyond Self Sabotage workshop!

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Super Early Bird Registration: $235 US (If Registered by October 31st)  Regular Registration: $295 US
  • 9am-5pm December 7-8th, 2013
  • Location: Primal Synergy, 1 Wiltshire Ave unit 105, Toronto, ON

In the Beyond Self Sabotage program, our sabotaging is viewed as a symptom. Through the concepts and techniques taught, we’ll direct our focus to pierce through the symptom and address the issues causing the symptoms of sabotage.

How do you sabotage yourself?

Would you believe that all people spend part of their time meeting their emotional needs in a way that is self sabotaging? How can it be that a part of us has learned to feel valued the more we block our own success? If the need to self sabotage is always a symptom perpetuated by unresolved emotional wounds or beliefs about self, what would it mean if you learned how to address the actual issues beneath the symptom?

What would it mean if you learned how to re-balance the issues that cause you to sabotage?

In Beyond Self Sabotage we will uncover the mysteries that pervade all of our lives when it comes to finding authentic success. We will lift the veil on the hidden parts of the unconscious that keep us stuck in frustratingly repetitive patterns of sabotage. Powerful holistic techniques will be taught on how to nurture sabotaging parts back into belonging to the harmonious whole of the individual.

How would it impact your life if you learned to discover and re-balance the sabotaging patterns that you are currently blind to?

Whether your definition of success is enriched health, relationships, energy, getting in shape, finances, or peace of mind, this class is intended to help you embrace the tools within to create a smooth flow of success.

Offerings of Beyond Self Sabotage Include:

  • Self discovery and re-balancing techniques to relinquish the need to block your own success
  • Develop a compassionate understanding for why self sabotage has been happening in your life
  • Learn to identify and holistically resolve the actual issues beneath sabotaging patterns and behavior
  • Learn about the non-logical emotional nature that causes one to seek the uncomfortable comfort of self sabotage
  • Specific tools and exercises to continually help yourself
  • Understand why control dramas govern our lives from a place of sabotaging reactivity and how to go beyond them.

Has your experience with attempting to go beyond self sabotaging patterns involved strategies using short term, fleeting bursts of egoicly derived will power that offers very little long term sustainability? Beyond Self Sabotage is different in that you’re invited to submerge into the intimate depths of your authentic self to connect with the sustainable inspiration in your own heart.

With the piercing concepts and techniques taught in Beyond Self Sabotage, you are invited to a place of awakening to a more graceful and meaningful relationship with your life. Beyond Self Sabotage is appropriate for both health coaches and the lay-person.

Register Online Here for the Super Early Bird Discount!

Super Early Bird Registration: $235 US (available until October 31st)

  • December 7-8th, 2013

You may also register by contacting JP at

Self Growth Through Compassionate Communication – Workshop

November 17-18th, Toronto, Canada

  • Location: 1 Wiltshire Ave Unit 105, Toronto, Ontario
  • Registration Fee: $295USD
  • 9am-5pm November 17-18th, 2012

Do you know how to respectfully represent your authentic self with your voice while respectfully accepting another with your ears?

Is it possible that how we communicate can either be a powerful catalyst for opening the gates of the mind and heart, or a destructive force creating toxicity in our relationships, opportunities, and our own self? How can consciously infusing compassion into our communication facilitate an expansion of intimacy both within ourselves and with those we are in relationships with?

Offerings of Self Growth through Compassionate Communication include:

  • Strengthen personal and professional relationships
  • Learn how to avoid unconsciously pushing people away
  • Learn to step deeper into your authenticity
  • Eliminate the hidden reasons for failed relationships
  • Become undefended in both how you hear others and in voicing your experiences
  • Resolve underlying issues that cause career sabotage
  • Discover how not to lose your sense of self in your communications
  • Learn how to increase intimacy through healthy conflict
  • Understand how to hear what another is really saying through the message in their unspoken words

Are you aware of the growth that happens when you can communicate authentically? Are you aware of the self compromise that happens when you’re inauthentic?

In this workshop you’re invited to explore how being undefended, humble, yet true to your self brings meaningful compassion into your communication. Recognizing that communication goes far beyond the significance carried by the spoken word and how allowing healthy conflict is essential to any relationship will also be embraced.

Left unchecked, an unconscious communication style teaches others to treat us disrespectfully

This program acknowledges communication as a two way street beginning with how we sensitively hear what another is saying to create a field of respect and acceptance. Secondly, how we voice our authentic feelings, thoughts, and points of view with ownership (rather than blaming another) further expands the field of respect and acceptance that our communication generates. This workshop contains both lecture and practical/activity sections and is appropriate for both the lay person and the health practitioner

If enriching your communication is important for your professional, personal, or relationship growth, please join us!

Register Online Now!

  • You may also email or call 760-420-9593 to register

Healing Your Inner Child Workshop


June 11-12th, Toronto, Canada

  • Location: 1 Wiltshire Ave Unit 105, Toronto, Ontario
  • Early Bird fee: $195 (if registered by May 20th) Regular fee: $245
  • 9am-5pm June 11-12th, 2011

What if your inner child represents who you really are? Could it then be that the wounding of your inner child is what creates an unconscious defense against experiencing a connection with your true self? If so, would you be interested in learning how to heal and reclaim your inner child?

In Healing Your Inner Child you’re invited to accept that while in an adult body we simultaneously have many mental and emotional components that function as a child. While learning to recognize and accept our child-like nature, you’ll also be invited to realize that wounding is not only necessary to the inner child, but it has happened whether we’re aware of it or not. However, when stuck in the wounding of our inner child we tend to exhibit childish patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving in our adult life. Through compassionate healing we are able to graduate from our childish attachments to our wounding and mature into our child-like brilliance.

Embracing our inner child offers us magnificent potential for healing self and growing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Healing Your Inner Child invites you to embrace concepts and techniques so you can learn to connect with your inner child and functionally offer care and healing for him or her. Left unattended, the wounding of the inner child dictates that our future will be a replication of our past. On the other hand, as we heal the inner child, its wisdom expresses that it’s now safe to journey into new life experiences and growth.

Healing Your Inner Child also acknowledges that we all go through a process in early life where we are taught how to develop the logical thinking of an adult as quickly and effectively as possible. An unseen expense of this process is that aspects of the inner child and its emotional nature un-intentionally become abandoned and are left handicapped unless we learn how to go back and reclaim our inner child. What would it mean to your sense of wholeness if you deliberately reconnected with your forgotten self?

In this class we consider, could it be possible that true peace of mind and contentment are only possible if we can provide understanding, compassion, and healing for self? Is the inner child the part of self that desperately needs to be provided with these virtues?

For the best possible learning experience, Healing Your Inner Child contains practical sections to implement the concepts and techniques that are introduced, as well as time devoted to open discussion and questions. This class is open to those who are on their own journey of self-growth and healing, as well as for professional coaches who facilitate this process with others.

Offerings of Healing Your Inner Child Include

  • Learn to recognize what aspects of your inner child are compromised
  • Understand how your present day circumstances are influenced by your inner child’s development during early life experiences
  • Experience an array of techniques for functionally and specifically healing your wounded inner child
  • Realize how the integrity of your spiritual connection is a mirror of your relationship with your inner child and how to harmonize both
  • Learn heartfelt strategies for genuinely engaging the brilliance of your inner self