Self Growth Through Compassionate Communication – Workshop

November 17-18th, Toronto, Canada

  • Location: 1 Wiltshire Ave Unit 105, Toronto, Ontario
  • Registration Fee: $295USD
  • 9am-5pm November 17-18th, 2012

Do you know how to respectfully represent your authentic self with your voice while respectfully accepting another with your ears?

Is it possible that how we communicate can either be a powerful catalyst for opening the gates of the mind and heart, or a destructive force creating toxicity in our relationships, opportunities, and our own self? How can consciously infusing compassion into our communication facilitate an expansion of intimacy both within ourselves and with those we are in relationships with?

Offerings of Self Growth through Compassionate Communication include:

  • Strengthen personal and professional relationships
  • Learn how to avoid unconsciously pushing people away
  • Learn to step deeper into your authenticity
  • Eliminate the hidden reasons for failed relationships
  • Become undefended in both how you hear others and in voicing your experiences
  • Resolve underlying issues that cause career sabotage
  • Discover how not to lose your sense of self in your communications
  • Learn how to increase intimacy through healthy conflict
  • Understand how to hear what another is really saying through the message in their unspoken words

Are you aware of the growth that happens when you can communicate authentically? Are you aware of the self compromise that happens when you’re inauthentic?

In this workshop you’re invited to explore how being undefended, humble, yet true to your self brings meaningful compassion into your communication. Recognizing that communication goes far beyond the significance carried by the spoken word and how allowing healthy conflict is essential to any relationship will also be embraced.

Left unchecked, an unconscious communication style teaches others to treat us disrespectfully

This program acknowledges communication as a two way street beginning with how we sensitively hear what another is saying to create a field of respect and acceptance. Secondly, how we voice our authentic feelings, thoughts, and points of view with ownership (rather than blaming another) further expands the field of respect and acceptance that our communication generates. This workshop contains both lecture and practical/activity sections and is appropriate for both the lay person and the health practitioner

If enriching your communication is important for your professional, personal, or relationship growth, please join us!

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Tamas Acs

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